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Photo Friday – Hints of Spring

This is the week. The week when it became obvious that winter is saying goodbye and spring is saying hello. And while there is a time for every season, I’m definitely happy to smell green in the air. Little white flowers, tips of green grasses, tentative leaves peeking out. There is something so delicate and brave about spring. The cool air still lends itself to hot tea and good conversations. Oh yes, and did I also mention there is chocolate? Lots and lots of egg shaped chocolate. And all of these are good things. 🙂

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Photo Friday – Down with the Sick

Yes, despite all my attempts to avoid it, the sick found me. So these last two weeks have found me lying on the bed, lying on the couch, lying on the floor. Basically lying down whenever and wherever I can. I’ve gone through four boxes of kleenex (sadly, not a personal record), dozens of cough drops, a doctors visit, a prescription, two boxes of throat coat tea, and a rather large queue of bad afternoon television. But fortunately I’m on the mend and all I can think about is eating cake. And writing. I’ve missed working on book 2 and I am now full of crazy, fever induced ideas that still seem awesome, even in the light of health. So upwards and onwards. And pass the cough drops.

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