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Tea – Eco Teas’ Holy Mate!

Confession, I love elephants. So I may have been swayed by the picture of the dancing Ganesha on this box when I purchased it. Okay, I was swayed by the elephant. You may also notice a theme with the calm energy. My last tea was stress relieving and rejuvenating. Yes, I’m busy and am trying to drink my way to calm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This tea tastes strongly of peppermint. With a hint of Continue reading

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Tea – Organic India’s Tulsi Chai Masala

I purchased this box of tea at the beginning of what I knew would be an extremely busy week. I had a lot of things to accomplish and I also had a lot of writing to do and wanted to be able to turn off the day and tune into the story. It says stress relieving right on the front so it sounded perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

The flavor is good. Very mild. Which is surprising because the first aromas Continue reading

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Tea – Numi’s Emperor’s Pu-erh

I love tea so much I thought it would be fun to start talking about it. And I think that Numi’s Emperor’s Pu-erh is the perfect place to start.ย Yes, it is a bit spendy. Especially for bagged tea. But it is worth it.

The scent instantly took me back to a horse barn. In all the right ways. Continue reading

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