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Photo Friday – Rain

Right now I’m sitting in a sunny room drinking breakfast tea. The idea of clouds seems so distant. However, this entire week has been filled with them. Covered by them. Fluffy and white. Fluffy and grey and pink. Thin and silvery. I know they have scientific names. And perhaps I could even remember a few of them. But the beauty of clouds is that they can take whatever shape you imagine. Whatever adjective you decide to use for them. And not only are they full of imaginative possibilities they also come full of lightning, thunder, and rain. The beautiful sky splitting purple lightning that was impossible to catch with my point and shoot. The booming rumbles of thunder off in the distance. And the heavy drops of rain that soaked my hair and feet. With all those beautiful sensual experiences my camera felt so inadequate. However, I still tried to capture a bit of it. 🙂

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