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JindaLee Lehmann – Featured Canadian Artist

You may notice I’ve expanded our Featured Artist category to include Canadian artists. And our first Canadian artist is JindaLee. She’s got a great vibe and a passion for music that is awesome. I may or may not have gone to a punk rock concert with her and a group of friends in the middle of nowhere once. But that’s a different story. JindaLee is currently running an indiegogo campaign, Rise and Drift Tour. So if you like what you read (and hear, check out the music videos at the end of this interview) pop on over and throw some support her way. 🙂 And if you walk away from this post craving more amazing northern artists, don’t blame me, blame Canada. 😉

jindalee 11

Petra: Describe your approach to your art.   JindaLee: Art is such a multifaceted experience. My approach often involves retrieving memories and Continue reading

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Abstractfully Yours

Number 1 1950 (Lavender Mist)

Number 1 – 1950 (Lavender Mist) by Jackson Pollock

I’ve known I wanted to tell stories since I was six. I didn’t realize that meant writing, but I knew stories were the thing that made up my core. I would send my Barbie dolls through epic Amazonian adventures, I would stay up hours after being sent to bed telling myself stories, I would go on crazy adventures in my backyard with my invisible companions (companions, not friends, because the cast was constantly changing). And when I started to take language arts and literature classes, writing beckoned me temptingly as I hurried through my grammar and spelling lessons. You too can probably attest to the fact Continue reading

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The F Word


photo courtesy of duncan c. via flickr creative commons

I’ve got a bit of a colorful vocabulary. I hold my tongue in mixed company, in public, and around kids. But get me alone, in the car, playing video games, watching the news, watching political ads from either side, or if I’m just having a really bad day and those colorful words will fly. But the F word I’m talking about in the title is not one that is censored. It’s not one that people avoid. In fact, it’s one that the media tries to incite. I’m not talking about a good curse word. I’m talking about a bad life word. Fear.

Fear is probably the worst F word I can think of. It’s the kind of feeling that Continue reading

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Allison Hyde – Featured Northwest Artist

Allison Hyde’s work makes me feel like I am in a place. I like that. I feel like something happened when I look at her art. Like something may happen again. There is story there. And you all know how much I love story. So take a minute to glance through the pictures and then take a few more minutes to read through the interview. I’m sure they both will spawn many a creative thought. 🙂

Petra: Describe your approach to your art.   Allison: I try to create art that will touch people’s lives. I work with Continue reading

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And We’re Back

Yup. We’ve been pretty busy these last few months. And the blog took the biggest hit. But I’m back, and ready to post anew. So, a quick update on my busier than usual life.

  1. Moved out of the folks’ house. Yup, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but for the last year we were living with my mom and her husband. The result of trying to recoup from Continue reading
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