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Obsession Sessions: Cup (of tea) cakes

I am a firm believer in the afternoon tea and treat. And lately — the last few Wednesdays — that treat has been cupcakes. A fantastic little cupcake shop opened up in our town a few months ago and it may be the wonderful end of me. Fabulous, tiny, paper-cup wrapped bites of happiness. Really, somethings just can’t be described. So instead of using words, which we authors are always trying to do, I’m going to be quiet and just let the pictures do the talking.

red velvet cupcake

Red Velvet

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Obsession Sessions: Lush Solid Perfumes

There are two times of year that my mind can’t seem to quit daydreaming about Lush products. The first is right before Christmas and the second is right before my birthday. I visit and revisit their website. I read and reread their product descriptions. I try and imagine each wonderful scent. My wish lists are full of fabulous smelling bath products, lotions, and perfumes. Conveniently my birthday falls almost six months after Christmas so I can stock up twice a year. 🙂

Right now I simply can’t get over their Continue reading

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Obsession Sessions: Staying up late

It started a few months ago. Ignoring my self set bedtime of midnight. Staying up until 12:30. Then I decided to make it an even 1:00. That satisfied me for a bit. But soon it wasn’t enough. I kept pushing bedtime back further and further and this last week I’ve found myself regularly seeing this . . .

And while I do intend to try and wrangle my sleepiness back to a regular time, I have to say Continue reading

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Obsession Sessions: Rap

If I’m going to be fair, I have to credit Kreayshawn for reigniting my interest in this current obsession.

I was perusing Adam’s GQ (which I tend to read much more than he does) and flipped onto this article about the petite youtube rap sensation. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I’m just out of touch.(Hours locked up in a room in front of a computer writing will do that to you.) But I hadn’t even heard of this girl. So, of course, Continue reading

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Obsession Sessions: Mahjong

For those of you that don’t know me (and trust me, I think you would have picked this up quickly anyway, but why not cut to the chase) I am a bit of a compulsive idea jumper. I love new things, hobbies, ideas. And I can lose myself in something new for ridiculous amounts of time. Sometimes I’ll even be interested in something for longer than a week. 🙂 Yup. I’m also kind of fickle. Well, I prefer the term diverse. And so far, I haven’t seen a drawback to skipping from interest to interest. It keeps conversations interesting. (Easier to find things in common.) It helps my writing. (New ideas all the time.) And it basically just keeps me from being so bored I jump out of my skin. So this new post category is going to be dedicated to the momentary interests I wrap myself up in.

This week’s Obsession: Mahjong


While Adam sits and plays Minecraft, I sit and play Mahjong. If it’s in a silent room the satisfying Continue reading

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