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Manly Hero Book 2 Update

writing is an adventure

So, you’re probably wondering if those ‘crazy, tea-drinking, author people’ are going to be finishing Manly Hero book two ever????

And we don’t blame you. It has been a longer process than we first anticipated as well.

But fear not, Adventurers…

…The Short of It: We are still working on book 2 and hope to release it… as soon as it is finished. 😉

…The Long of It: If you are still reading and want to know why we are taking our sweet ass time to finish this story, well, here you go. Simply put, and not so simply lived, this is our first series. We took on a rather big process — what we always knew would be a five or six book series —for our first publication(s). And, because we’re picky and invested, the time up until now has been spent in a mixture of writing and outlining the entire story. We don’t want to drop any of our story threads or lead you astray. Hence, we’re taking the time to make this story as fun, cohesive, and understandably twisty as possible.

So, a big thank you to all of you who are still out there recommending Book 1, and waiting for and showing interest in Manly Hero book two. We are very excited about finishing it. And we are very excited to let you read it.

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Be Manly (and Ruby, and Cronimus) and Vote

“By the way,” said Mortimer as they made their way down the stairs. “That voting as a group thing? Interesting idea. Never used it in my day.”

Manly shrugged. “Yeah, it kind of only works sometimes.”

“So, same as everything else,” Grandpa said with a grin.


Hey, our system may not be perfect, but it’s ours. Stay involved and vote. 🙂

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