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You may notice I’ve expanded our Featured Artist category to include Canadian artists. And our first Canadian artist is JindaLee. She’s got a great vibe and a passion for music that is awesome. I may or may not have gone to a punk rock concert with her and a group of friends in the middle of nowhere once. But that’s a different story. JindaLee is currently running an indiegogo campaign, Rise and Drift Tour. So if you like what you read (and hear, check out the music videos at the end of this interview) pop on over and throw some support her way. 🙂 And if you walk away from this post craving more amazing northern artists, don’t blame me, blame Canada. 😉

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Petra: Describe your approach to your art.   JindaLee: Art is such a multifaceted experience. My approach often involves retrieving memories and dreams from all my senses, move to the depth of the emotions that those memories and dreams evoke, and then make art from that.

Petra: Why do you love art?   JindaLee: Art has this amazing way of tapping into so many things that we often don’t notice. It allows us memories we haven’t thought of since they happened, it gives us glimpses into the past and into others perceptions of things. Art is a bridge to each other. It forces us to pause, ponder, and take it in rather than passing it by. Every single thing can be art if you take time to breathe it in. When art is labelled as “art” we seem to feel more of an obligation to stop and ponder it. When I receive art this way, it helps my mind do that with everything in life more often.

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Petra: Why do you love music?   JindaLee: Music has been my life for about ten years now. It is part of my identity, my passion, and my career. Music is amazing because you can create your own landscape to the sounds you are listening to. With each rise and fall, each complexity and simplicity, it breathes and the listener is left to create beyond what the music is. With music there is no end to the possibility of creation. With each new ear listening is a new experience.

Petra: Where are you most inspired?   JindaLee: I have lived in many countries and cities and I have travelled extensively across the world. There are places in the world that have this quiet.  In each new place I live, I always have to find a place that I can call “my spot” the place I go to think, to have quiet. It is often somewhere I can see a long distance. Perhaps coming from the prairies makes it easier for me to think when there is a wide open space. I feel quite inspired on long walks as well.

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Petra: How does being in Canada inspire you?   JindaLee: It is not so much being in Canada that inspires me, it is more the people in my world here that inspire me. I moved to Toronto three years ago and met a community of artists and musicians who inspire me so much. They are driven, interesting, talented people and that inspires me. It has often been the place that inspires me in the previous cities I live in. But Toronto is not all that inspiring to me. It is a tough city at times and I think that may be why there is good art coming from here.

Petra: What is your artistic good luck charm?   JindaLee: I’ve kept three different types of journals since I was about 17. One is a daily journal of what I did each day. Another is a thought journal, I guess a journey journal it could be called, where I write my ideas, philosophies, personal understandings, spiritual paths. And a lyric journal, where I play with different lyric ideas. They are my good luck charms for sure.

Petra: What natural gift would you most like to possess that you don’t already?   JindaLee: I wish I could play piano and guitar without any inhibition. I play both but I am limited and when I see people play them freely without any kind of boundary, I am envious of that freedom!

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Petra: What is your motto?   JindaLee: Do something new everyday.

Petra: What advice would you give to a young person who dreams about doing what you do?   JindaLee: Keep trying. It is a constant battle but Music chooses you, you only get to choose how you deal with that. Mistakes will happen along the way, don’t regret your moves though.

Petra: What is your biggest success?   JindaLee: I feel like the current moment I am in is my success. Doing this campaign has been such an amazingly supportive confident building adventure. I put myself in a vulnerable place and all I got back was incredible support and everyone showing  their belief in me as a musician and a person!

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Petra: What is your biggest regret?   JindaLee: There have been many mistakes along the path of making this last album. It has not been easy and sometimes I regret choosing some of the things I did that made it much harder than it needed to be. But I must move past that and know that I am where I am supposed to be.

Petra: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?   JindaLee: The fear that you may not make it through the night.

Petra: What is your dream of happiness?   JindaLee: I would love to make enough money doing music that I could buy a small piece of land and have a garden and little house with a studio in it. But, still continue to travel the world making music and just traveling.

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Petra: What is the one physical object you currently desire?   JindaLee: An electric guitar.

Petra: What is one emotional thing you currently desire?   JindaLee: Strength to know when and how to move on.

Petra: What are you currently reading?   JindaLee: I’m trying to keep up my German so I am reading some Hermann Hesse books.

Petra: What are you currently listening to?   JindaLee: I’ve been into electronic music lately: James Blake, Jai Paul, Little Dragon.

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Petra: Who is your favorite painter/artist?   JindaLee: Anselm Kiefer.

Petra: Who is your favorite musician(s)?   JindaLee: Radiohead stole my heart at 17 and I never looked back. But there are so many more. This is always a hard one for me to answer for some reason. 🙂

Petra: Who is your favorite writer?   JindaLee: Kerouac, Kafka, Coelho, Dostoyevsky, Camus, Bukowski, etc, etc! It’s hard to think of them all on the spot.

Petra: Who is your favorite poet?   JindaLee: Rainer Maria Rilke at the moment. 🙂  Keeping up the German!

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Petra: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction? (t.v., movies, or books)   JindaLee: I always feel that the underdog is the hero. The vulnerable characters that find themselves and find more understanding by the end. I’m having a hard time thinking of examples.

Petra: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in real life?   JindaLee: Nelson Mandela.

Petra: What do you most value in your friends?   JindaLee: Openness, silliness, thoughtfulness, non-judgmental love.

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Petra: What are your greatest strengths?   JindaLee: Being observant and seeing beauty in the small things.

Petra: To what faults do you feel most indulgent?   JindaLee: I have a serious chocolate craving that I usually just give into. 🙂  I say it’s okay cause I love it very, very dark.

Petra: What is your favorite virtue?   JindaLee: Diligence.

Petra: What is your favorite vice?   JindaLee: Lust.

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Petra: What, to your mind, would be the greatest of misfortunes?   JindaLee: Losing people you care about.

Petra: What would be the happiest of good fortunes?   JindaLee: Being able to play big great shows and share the music with more people without the fear of losing a lot of cash by doing it.

Petra: What is your favorite color?   JindaLee: Turquoise, teal, greens, blues.

Petra: What is your favorite hot beverage?   JindaLee: I love me some tea!

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Petra: What is your favorite item of clothing?   JindaLee: Bikini

Petra: What does it feel like to perform in front of people?   JindaLee: This makes music worth it. Even if I am not nervous before, once I get on stage and strum the first strum I feel nerves and then I get into it. The adrenaline kicks in and I get really happy. It is so exciting, I always find at least one person who is really into it and focus on them. After the show I feel a lot of energy from the performance. It is a great feeling.

Petra: What is art?   JindaLee: Everything is art if you look at it closely!

If you want to learn more stop on by JindaLee’s  Twitter, facebook, or jindaleemusic.com. And remember her Rise and Drift Tour. 🙂

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