Townshend’s Tea Company’s № 54 Alberta Street Chai

Yes, I can happily claim that the reason I haven’t posted in quite a while is because I’ve been hard at work on Manly Hero 2. And while I sit at my computer editing and writing, mother nature is working on an edit of her own. The green leaves she started with are being rewritten as yellow, orange, and red. The air has changed from warm and heavy to crisp and sharp. And thus, out go the iced teas and back in with the hot teas. Preferrably with some kind of milk. Enter Townshend’s Tea Company’s № 54 Alberta Street Chai.

alberta chai loose leafMy sister and brother-in-law introduced me to this company and tea via a sample pack. And it is wonderful. They recommended that I steep the tea in rice milk, which I’ve never had with tea, and I was pleasantly surprised. Plus, a tea company right here in the Northwest, can it get any better? Per usual, the first thing I was impressed by was the scent. It’s like walking into a cigar store. Vanilla, bourbon, smokey. So amazing. I want my house to smell like this. But I’ll settle for my tea smelling like this every time I brew it. The flavor is subtle. Not spicy, smooth. And while the rice milk plays a part in that, the rice flavor really just puts a nice finish on the subtle warmth. I notice the vanilla and maté more than the nutmeg and clove, which is perfect for a fall cup.

alberta chaiMy imagination is drinking this while bundled up in layers of knits, cotton, and leather. My gloved hands hold onto a warm — re-usable — to-go cup, the heat of it permeating my fingers. I’m wandering through a lovely park in the afternoon, the sky a beautiful contrast to the trees. Golden orange leaves pepper the ground and crunch under my boots. The surface of the pond ripples with each leaf added to it’s floating collection. Maybe I’ll even make it to an art gallery later. More than likely though, I’ll probably just sit and enjoy the leaves, the smell of fall, and this amazing tea.

alberta chai in cup

What are some of your favorite fall drinks?

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