“TEA” – Bissinger’s Apricot Green Tea Gummy Pandas

It’s tooooo hot for tea. So I’ve been brewing tea after dark, despite how turning the stove on heats up our airconditionless house, and letting it chill in the fridge over night. But, I also found a way to sneak more tea into my hot summer days. These gummy pandas are courtesy of my sister, a late birthday gift. And yes, late birthday gifts are just as good as on time birthday gifts. So keep ’em coming. 😉 Anyways, back to the gummy pandas.


They are delicious! In fact, delicious is not a good enough word for them. Splendiferous. Fantastic. Amazing. And some other word that has not yet been invented for the best flavor you have ever put in your mouth. Feel free to make up words and post them below. As with tea, the first thing I noticed about these pandas was their scent. Similar to dried apricots, rich, earthy, but slightly sweeter. It doesn’t smell fake. Probably because it’s not. And they are very sticky. Probably due to the hot summer temps. But the flavor is wonderful. Not too sweet. Brighter than a dried apricot. I can detect only the slightest taste of tea — so I admit, this is probably cheating, but they say tea on them and they are sooooo good! I had to share. I promise you, you can’t stop at one.


My imagination is eating these . . . all the time! I crave these things. But to be specific, my imagination is enjoying these gummy pandas while lounging on a quilted blanket atop a small grassy hill. The orchards are below, the smell of fruit on the air. I’m sipping iced rooibos tea, a picnic basket with fresh sandwiches lies beside me. I’m wearing a big hat and playing cards with Adam. It doesn’t matter who’s winning. And we’ve got a giant, soup sized bowl of these gummy pandas. What a perfect summer day.


What is one of your current favorite summer treats?

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