Tea – Herbescent’s Organic Spiced Mango Green Tea

Okay, I’ve been feeling a bit perma-sleepy lately, so green tea was quickly added to my list of must have writing supplies.  And this lovely bag of tea was added to my collection when I took myself out shopping for my birthday a few days ago. Just look at those gorgeous tea leaves. I love loose leaf tea. In fact I can’t believe it took me this long to post a review about a loose leaf tea.

loose leaf tea spicy mango

The first thing I noticed about this tea was the scent. Definitely mango. There is really not even a hint of a that earthy green tea smell. The fragrance is sweet, bright, and fruity. Beneath the obvious mango scent I noticed the subtle hint of cardamom. However, when drinking it the mango flavor is much more subtle than the scent indicates and the cardamom is much more prominent, but not overwhelmingly so. There is an understated clove aftertaste but, as with the smell, there is no strong green tea flavor. Overall I very much enjoyed it. Pleasantly sweet and spicy.

loose leaf tea spicy mango bag

My imagination is drinking this tea in an antique rug shop, in the middle of a market, sitting at a small wooden table in front of an old fashioned fan. The front door is open and the air is rich with the smells of fruit, spices, flowers, and dust. I’m scratching black-ink drawings into a worn leather journal that sits in my lap. My sandals are on the floor and my bare feet are tucked under my legs as I sit cross legged on my chair. I’m people watching and slowly sipping my tea as I wonder where they are going. And I’m probably going out for Indian food afterward. Yup, definitely going out for Indian food. 🙂

loose leaf tea spicy mango cup

Not only was the tea new, the lovely black teacup it is in was a birthday present from Adam. Thank you, Adam. 🙂

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