And We’re Back

Yup. We’ve been pretty busy these last few months. And the blog took the biggest hit. But I’m back, and ready to post anew. So, a quick update on my busier than usual life.

  1. Moved out of the folks’ house. Yup, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but for the last year we were living with my mom and her husband. The result of trying to recoup from losing jobs, writing and paying to publish our book, finding new employment, and saving to move out. And we are so grateful for the kindness of two very supportive people. Thanks to my mom and B for so kindly taking us in. Living in a mixed generation household not only provided a great halfway house as we transitioned from ‘wanting to be published authors’ to ‘being published authors,’ but it also gave us many a good interaction to fuel future writing. (And perhaps a future blog or two.) 🙂
  2. Moving into a new place takes time. I pretend it doesn’t, but it does. Adam calls me a time-optimist. And maybe I am. It’s really the only place I can be referred to as an optimist, so I’ll take it. I usually categorize myself as a realistic-ready-for-reality person (he says pessimist, tomato tomauto). However, I am definitely a time-optimist. Moving a small storage unit with a borrowed truck, transferring a few pieces of old furniture from the folks’ house, and unpacking and reorganizing the entire house? That should really only take us a day. Right? (Nope.) On top of that, unpacking boxes relegated to storage over a year ago leaves me wondering, what percentage of the space that I was paying for did this item take up, and was it worth it? But there are also those fabulous items that you just can’t believe you lived without for twelve whole months. (Yes, my elephant lamp from college is on that list.) Those items rock!
  3. Then of course comes the shock of being back in the real world. Doctors visits. Yuck. And how much does it cost to go to the dentist? Why do our teeth betray us? We floss every night. Stupid cavities. (Cue Adam cursing his British heritage.) Silly just how much time it takes to get back into tip-top shape. But so thankful to have access to such great care.
  4. There were sad notes, too. A loss in the family. Those always shake me up in a way I can’t explain. But I can’t deny that those moments wake me up to the beautifulness that is this short life. And make me want to re-embrace my hunger for creativity.
  5. Writing book two of the Manly Hero series has been fitting in there, too. I’ll admit that with all the life changes that have been happening the writing is going a bit slower than I had hoped for. But what I can say is that every time I sit down to write in the middle of all the chaos I instantly feel at home. This is what writing is for. It brings me back to a place where I feel centered. And I seriously can’t wait for you to see what is going down in Manly’s world this time around. The adventure is great and hopefully the wait is worth it.

I’m starting to learn (p.s. It only took me thirty-odd years) that life is always going to run in phases: busy, slow, happy, sad, overwhelming, underwhelming. The list goes on and on. But in moments when I can look around and see that I made it through another adventure, exciting or scary, I’m grateful for both the pretend stories in my head and the real people in my life who are there to center me. So back to writing those crazy characters that come to life in my head, and writing about some of my own crazy thoughts to you real people out there who so wonderfully keep following along. 🙂

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