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Allison Hyde – Featured Northwest Artist

Allison Hyde’s work makes me feel like I am in a place. I like that. I feel like something happened when I look at her art. Like something may happen again. There is story there. And you all know how much I love story. So take a minute to glance through the pictures and then take a few more minutes to read through the interview. I’m sure they both will spawn many a creative thought. 🙂

Petra: Describe your approach to your art.   Allison: I try to create art that will touch people’s lives. I work with Continue reading

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And We’re Back

Yup. We’ve been pretty busy these last few months. And the blog took the biggest hit. But I’m back, and ready to post anew. So, a quick update on my busier than usual life.

  1. Moved out of the folks’ house. Yup, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but for the last year we were living with my mom and her husband. The result of trying to recoup from Continue reading
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