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Karli Ingersoll lists “getting things done” as one of her strengths in the following questionnaire, and I can back that up 100%. As artists we can tend to procrastinate (yes, I am talking about myself). But when I sent Karli the questionnaire for this month’s feature I am pretty sure she had it back to me in about four hours. That is the fastest (by far) return to date. So if you are looking for an on-time completion of a project I can highly recommend Karli. And, not only is she on top of the time line, she has some pretty cool art. Read on to see more.

Petra: Describe your approach to your art.   Karli: I approach art a couple of different ways. My greatest hope is to make the world a more beautiful place through what I do. As a commercial artist I also desire to truly represent the soul of my clients and their work in a visual way. So, depending on the type of project I’m working on, both of those priorities are kind of pulling back and forth in my mind, although often times they are working together because I have some pretty amazing clients who have an equal desire of greater good.

Petra: Why do you love art/design?   Karli: I love art and design because it’s a way for me to create what I wish existed and what I think other people would enjoy looking at.

Petra: How do you mix your music with design?   Karli: When working on projects for musicians, I listen to their music incessantly. I let it really infiltrate my brain and work hard to define what I think it looks like or what it could look like. As far as my own music, I’ve done some different projects in the past where I’ve created illustrations based on my songs. That concept of letting music influence art is very cool to me. I’m sure I will do more of that in the future. But usually when making music, I’m not really thinking about art at all.

Petra: Where are you most inspired?   Karli: Outside in the sun.

Petra: What is your artistic good luck charm?   Karli: Ignoring my to-do list.

Petra: What natural gift would you most like to possess that you don’t already?   Karli: Is writing JavaScript a natural gift? If it is, I would like to have it. If not, maybe the gift of organization.

Petra: What is your motto?  Karli: Work hard and be true to what you think is awesome. Even when it isn’t trendy.

Petra: What advice would you give to a young person who dreams about doing what you do?   Karli: 1. Just do tons of work for free and cheap. This helps you build relationships and helps you try new things without a ton of pressure. 2. Pursue (and accept) candid critique from artists you want to be like. Don’t be afraid of how far you have to go, live into your learning curve. (I’m still doing number 2 … but making it a habit from the get-go is a must!)

Petra: What is your biggest success?   Karli: Making a good income for the past two years running my own business.

Petra: What is your biggest regret?   Karli: I daily have little regrets over misuse of time. But I don’t believe in big regrets. Everything becomes a lesson, however much I don’t like that it happened.

Petra: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?   Karli: Losing your self-respect.

Petra: What is your dream of happiness?   Karli: Pretty much my life right now.

Petra: What is the one physical object you currently desire?   Karli: A new guitar.

Petra: What is one emotional thing you currently desire?   Karli: Gentleness.

Petra: Whose work, other than your own, are you most excited about right now?   Karli: I dig Mary Kate McDevitt hard core right now. Also Oat and Greg Christman are two awesome designers I’ve discovered recently.

Petra: What are you currently reading?   Karli: Beauty Will Save the World by Gregory Wolfe and I’m about half way through my first read of The Brothers Karamazov (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky).

Petra: What are you currently listening to?   Karli: Bonnie Raitt’s Slipstream, Poliça, Anais Mitchell’s Young Man in America, The Walkmen’s Heaven, Bear in Heaven’s I Love You, It’s Cool. And this obscure little country album I discovered by an artist named Caitlin Rose called, Own Side Now. It’s unbelievably good.

Petra: Who is your favorite painter/artist?   Karli: Claude Monet.

Petra: Who is your current favorite designer?   Karli: My friend, Eric Smith and I have been working on some collaborative stuff…he’s awesome and I love learning from his philosophy.

Petra: Who are your favorite musicians?   Karli: Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor.

Petra: Who is your favorite writer?   Karli: John Steinbeck.

Petra: Who is your favorite poet?   Karli: Mary Oliver.

Petra: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction? (t.v., movies, or books)   Karli: Samuel Hamilton in East of Eden.

Petra: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in real life?   Karli: My older brother is amazing. Definitely one of my artistic heroes and just heroes of life in general.

Petra: What do you most value in your friends?   Karli: Good conversation and intentionality.

Petra: What are your greatest strengths?   Karli: Getting things done, seeing beauty in the world and in people.

Petra: To what faults do you feel most indulgent?   Karli: My inability to focus on one thing at a time.

Petra: What is your favorite virtue?   Karli: Kindness.

Petra: What is your favorite vice?   Karli: Laziness.

Petra: What, to your mind, would be the greatest of misfortunes?   Karli: To live selfishly.

Petra: What would be the happiest of good fortunes?   Karli: To find peace and contentment in serving others.

Petra: What is your favorite color?   Karli: Blue.

Petra: What is your favorite hot beverage?   Karli: Coffee.

Petra: What is your favorite item of clothing?   Karli: A Cardigan.

Petra: What is art?   Karli: Art is beauty.

Want to see more from Karli, check out her blog, dribbble, and follow her on twitter.

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