Five Famous People I Wish Would Read My Book

Okay, I have a dirty secret. And it involves a list. Shall I continue? Yes? Okay.

You know that episode of Friends where Ross makes his five-famous-people-he-would-sleep-with list? And then he gets it laminated? I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. Even if you never watched Friends you probably know what I’m talking about. Well, I have my own list (not yet laminated, but I’m considering it) of five people. The five famous people I wish would read my book. And yes, Adam is okay with it. 😉

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks about this. Sits and spends time imagining the people I wish would read my book. Of course I wrote the book to tell a story that I wanted to put out in the world. And of course I did it to satisfy myself artistically. And of course I had the list of the five (ten) people I personally know that I wanted to read my book because I care about and respect their opinion. But, somewhere in the back of my mind I have daydreamed about just how ridiculously cool it would be for one of these five famous people to read my book. I should add that I am not one to become starstruck. I’ve never even seen a hollywood celebrity in person before. But I will confess that it is possible this following list of people might leave me a bit in awe.

5. Nancy Pearl – Firstly, she works in Washington state. Secondly, and more importantly, I am in awe of how well read she is. And I am also in awe of just how not snobby she is about what she reads. Sure, as a famous librarian she could choose to only push the classics, or angsty literature, but she doesn’t. When I first picked up her tome, Book Lust,  I was happily surprised at just how diverse her recommendations were. And for someone that well-read to read my book? Wow. That would be awesome. Plus, she has her own action figure. Come on people. Impressive. Her action figure is probably more well read than most people.

4. Jimmy Fallon / Ellen Degeneres – Okay, so I’m having a Ross moment here. I have five spaces and six names. Who do I choose? Well, I’m not going to choose right now. I still have a few days before laminating my list. 😉 I love these two talk show hosts. And I love their shows. Jimmy has the Roots, so point Jimmy. Ellen is a big animal advocate, so point Ellen. Jimmy has thank you notes. Ellen has awesome games. It’s kind of a draw. Basically both of them are funny as hell and if either of them read my book and thought even just one line of it was funny I would be a very happy person. (I was going to say die a happy person, but that seemed a little dramatic. So . . .)

3. Jack White – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, If you don’t believe that Jack White is a musical god then you are a musical atheist. There. That’s it. Simple. And while I have no idea if he even likes to read or not it would simply be amazing for someone with so much talent to take a moment out of his creative day and read my book.

2. Joss Whedon – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels. Dollhouse. Toy Story. Angel. FIREFLY!!!! I am a big fan. BIG FAN! I love his irreverent approach to story telling. I love the characters he develops. And I would love for such an accomplished story teller to read my novel. If he hated it I would take the criticism while smiling. Yes, Mr. Whedon, sir. Of course, Mr. Whedon, sir. And if he liked it . . . let’s just say much celebration would be had. For days.

1. Nathan Fillion – I first watched him in Firefly. Then continued watching him in Castle. Adam, a big fan of Firefly, was skeptical about Castle, but every night as I watched it and he “played” games on the computer I would peek back and he was actually watching the show with me. Now he’s beside me on the bed watching every episode. Nathan Fillion is just funny. He takes characters that if played by anyone else would be good, but when played by him become lovable, charismatic, hilarious, and sexy. He voiced characters for one of my favorite video games of all time, Halo. He’s Canadian. And from Alberta. (Bonus points.) And he even co-founded a non-profit organization, Kids Need to Read. I would be seriously stoked to have him read my book because, beside all the great stuff I’ve listed, he will always be Captain Mal. Ah, captain, my captain.

So that’s it. The five famous people I would love to read my book. And while I know it would be heartbreaking for them to read it and hate it, I just can’t put aside the excitement and downright honor it would be for them to even take the time to do so. Besides, I’ve got a bottle of whiskey here that says two things, “Yay! They liked it! Congratulations!” and “They hated it? Pour yourself another glass sweetheart. I’m here for you.” So I should be okay.

What famous person or persons would you like to experience your art?

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4 thoughts on “Five Famous People I Wish Would Read My Book

  1. The five people I would LOVE to read my novel, Walk in Bethel are as follows, with reasons after each:
    1. Kathryn Stockett, a southerner who must have forgotten what it means to be FROM the south.
    2. Tyler Perry. I think he has a handle on black America, no matter WHAT Spike Lee says.
    3. Helen Mirren. Hey, who wouldn’t want this beautiful, intelligent woman to read theri work?
    4. Dame Judith Dench. Same goes for her, and she is a Dame, no less!
    5. Harry Connick, Jr. Well, he is simply gorgeous, so his eyes would be on my owrds and I would be able to say, Hey, Harry Connick, Jr. ‘looked at me!’

    • petra says:

      Love it! Thanks for sharing. So fun to think about “known” people reading your book. And yes, it would be super cool for a Dame to read your/my book. I’d even settle for a ‘Sir.’ 🙂

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