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A Real Book

I have been waiting for this since I was a teenager. That’s almost two decades. And while I’ve only been working on this particular project for two-ish years, I can’t believe I am actually holding a real live book in my hands. One that I was part of writing!  Manly Hero book one. I can’t quite explain my excitement. And here it sits on our shelf. 🙂

I know it has been available on kindleSmashwords, and iBooks for a while now, but the actual physical book is definitely a thrill for me. And while it is only the proof copy and I have a few weeks of editing ahead of me, I am so excited! And I can’t wait for it to be available to everyone else. (Which of course I will post about.) 🙂

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Photo Friday – Farm Fresh

Seeing Ben’s beautiful photos inspired me to get back on the wagon with photo fridays. And what better way than to capture the first delivery of summer produce from our local farmers’ co-op. With our cool, rainy season so far, most of the bag was filled with greens, but the items that caught my attention were the beautiful pops of red, pink, and purple mixed in. So this is really an ode to redish edibles. Redibles. 🙂

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Ben Blood – Featured Northwest Artist

Ben Blood’s photography has a way of making me want to step into one of his pictures and experience the moment, but also wanting to keep my distance so as not to intrude on the beautiful scene. Something I think of as the perfect visual experience. Go ahead, read the article and peruse these next few pictures and then, when you can’t get enough, stop on by his site, to see more of these charming moments. (P.S. Click on the images to make them bigger. Totally worth it.) 🙂

PQ: Describe your approach to your art.   Ben: A majority of my artistic/creative exploration is focused in Continue reading

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Five Famous People I Wish Would Read My Book

Okay, I have a dirty secret. And it involves a list. Shall I continue? Yes? Okay.

You know that episode of Friends where Ross makes his five-famous-people-he-would-sleep-with list? And then he gets it laminated? I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. Even if you never watched Friends you probably know what I’m talking about. Well, I have my own list (not yet laminated, but I’m considering it) of five people. The five famous people I wish would read my book. And yes, Adam is okay with it. 😉

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks about this. Sits and spends time imagining Continue reading

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