Tea – Eco Teas’ Holy Mate!

Confession, I love elephants. So I may have been swayed by the picture of the dancing Ganesha on this box when I purchased it. Okay, I was swayed by the elephant. You may also notice a theme with the calm energy. My last tea was stress relieving and rejuvenating. Yes, I’m busy and am trying to drink my way to calm. 😉

This tea tastes strongly of peppermint. With a hint of that dusty alfalfa as an after-note. It smells and tastes like a bag of peppermint tea your grandmother has had sitting in her cupboard for years. 🙂 A bit musty. I’m not won over by the hot version of this tea, however, iced is a better option. It’s good cold, with lots of honey and a bit of lemon. Refreshing.

I took pictures of the tea with these beautiful pink flowers because I think the iced/honeyed version would be very good on a hot summer day. My imagination is drinking this tea while flower gardening with my grandma, we’re both wearing big floppy hats and printed gardening aprons, the sun is shining, we’re listening to Nat King Cole on her record player, and a plate of vanilla creme cookies waits for us. Now I just have to inform my grandma that she needs to get into gardening (and records). 🙂

I included a picture of the hot tea so that you could see the real color of it. Color is always important to me when it comes to tea. It’s a big part of the experience.

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3 thoughts on “Tea – Eco Teas’ Holy Mate!

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    I try to drink my way to calm too…but then I fall down…just kidding 🙂

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