Obsession Sessions: Lush Solid Perfumes

There are two times of year that my mind can’t seem to quit daydreaming about Lush products. The first is right before Christmas and the second is right before my birthday. I visit and revisit their website. I read and reread their product descriptions. I try and imagine each wonderful scent. My wish lists are full of fabulous smelling bath products, lotions, and perfumes. Conveniently my birthday falls almost six months after Christmas so I can stock up twice a year. 🙂

Right now I simply can’t get over their solid perfume sticks. I love them! I smear them on twice a day. Just because they make me happy. They are handy, priced right (at about $10 a pop), and most importantly smell amazing! I’ve tried Tuca Tuca, Dirty, and Cocktail and love them all. My current wish list includes Superworld Unknown, The Smell of Weather Turning, and Breath of God. And how can you not love those names?P.S. If you haven’t heard of Lush before they’ve got some great things going for them. Most importantly for me, no animal testing. But they also offer some vegan products, some products without packaging waste, and some products without preservatives. So you can feel good about smelling great. 🙂

If you know and love Lush, what are some of your favorite scents and products?

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