Obsession Sessions: Staying up late

It started a few months ago. Ignoring my self set bedtime of midnight. Staying up until 12:30. Then I decided to make it an even 1:00. That satisfied me for a bit. But soon it wasn’t enough. I kept pushing bedtime back further and further and this last week I’ve found myself regularly seeing this . . .

And while I do intend to try and wrangle my sleepiness back to a regular time, I have to say that late night musings are fantastic. The quiet of the house is peaceful. The silent street outside is begging to be sketched. The random travelers coming home quietly, driving slowly so as not to disturb a sleeping neighborhood inspire late night stories of who and why. Early risers tell me that the morning is wonderful. Full of possibility. Quiet. (It’s definitely quiet for me. I’m sleeping.) But I think that the oft neglected inky hours of the late night/early morning are full of a magic all their own. And right now I’m immersing myself in this time.

What do you other late night observers love about the night hours?

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