Tea – Organic India’s Tulsi Chai Masala

I purchased this box of tea at the beginning of what I knew would be an extremely busy week. I had a lot of things to accomplish and I also had a lot of writing to do and wanted to be able to turn off the day and tune into the story. It says stress relieving right on the front so it sounded perfect. 🙂

The flavor is good. Very mild. Which is surprising because the first aromas I sniffed were of clove and nutmeg. It smells a bit like a cup of old christmas ornaments with their dusty, lingering scents. It is mild enough to enjoy without milk but good either way. I don’t add honey because I think the flavor is too subtle, honey overpowers it for me. As far as the box claims, I find the scent to be mildly invigorating, the black tea obviously aids in that, and the taste is very soothing. So yes, I do feel less stressed. Perhaps it’s all in my mind. But honestly, who cares. 🙂 Not me, I’m too relaxed.

I placed this cup of tea with my yoga block, mala beads, and chime bowl because it fits in perfectly with a morning session of yoga and/or meditation. My imagination is drinking this tea while sitting on the porch of a darling little cabin somewhere in the woods, birds twittering and singing their early morning song, my yoga mat rolled out beside me, a beeswax candle lit and flickering in the breeze, and the smell of morning on the air. (By the way, I am absolutely not an early riser. So any scene involving early morning has been imagined.) 😉

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3 thoughts on “Tea – Organic India’s Tulsi Chai Masala

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  2. dailyshimmer says:

    The plain tulsi from them is awesome too! The all around benefits of tulsi are incredible, ranks up there with Gynostemma!

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