Obsession Sessions: Mahjong

For those of you that don’t know me (and trust me, I think you would have picked this up quickly anyway, but why not cut to the chase) I am a bit of a compulsive idea jumper. I love new things, hobbies, ideas. And I can lose myself in something new for ridiculous amounts of time. Sometimes I’ll even be interested in something for longer than a week. 🙂 Yup. I’m also kind of fickle. Well, I prefer the term diverse. And so far, I haven’t seen a drawback to skipping from interest to interest. It keeps conversations interesting. (Easier to find things in common.) It helps my writing. (New ideas all the time.) And it basically just keeps me from being so bored I jump out of my skin. So this new post category is going to be dedicated to the momentary interests I wrap myself up in.

This week’s Obsession: Mahjong


While Adam sits and plays Minecraft, I sit and play Mahjong. If it’s in a silent room the satisfying swish of matching pairs disappearing from my screen makes me happy. If it’s while watching t.v. the distraction during what I consider perpetually bad advertisement breaks (have we as a culture ever had good commercials?) is a good reason to not get up from the bed or to rant about the bad commercials. I’m over half way through the app I purchased for $1.99 and I’ve definitely played two dollars worth of games. So I’m sure that by this weekend I will have moved on to something different. But for now, I sit and tap and swipe and feel that thrill of momentary satisfaction as I finish a layout and then quickly move on to another. (p.s. Have I mentioned that when I close my eyes I see Mahjong tiles?) Yup. Time to finish this obsession and move on. I’ve heard Go is fun. Or maybe I should learn to bake macaroons. . .

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