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Brian Lambert of Old Fun Design – Featured Northwest Artist

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this featured artist for quite a while and am so impressed with the growth he has made in that time. Brian Lambert is not only a super nice chap, but he’s also extremely talented. I hope to work with him on a few projects in the future.

PQ: Describe your approach to your art.  Brian: It kind of varies depending on Continue reading

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Photo Friday – Down with the Sick

Yes, despite all my attempts to avoid it, the sick found me. So these last two weeks have found me lying on the bed, lying on the couch, lying on the floor. Basically lying down whenever and wherever I can. I’ve gone through four boxes of kleenex (sadly, not a personal record), dozens of cough drops, a doctors visit, a prescription, two boxes of throat coat tea, and a rather large queue of bad afternoon television. But fortunately I’m on the mend and all I can think about is eating cake. And writing. I’ve missed working on book 2 and I am now full of crazy, fever induced ideas that still seem awesome, even in the light of health. So upwards and onwards. And pass the cough drops.

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Tea – Numi’s Emperor’s Pu-erh

I love tea so much I thought it would be fun to start talking about it. And I think that Numi’s Emperor’s Pu-erh is the perfect place to start. Yes, it is a bit spendy. Especially for bagged tea. But it is worth it.

The scent instantly took me back to a horse barn. In all the right ways. Continue reading

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