Tommy Panigot of NO THEFT design – Featured Northwest Artist

Our Featured Artist post is new for this year. Every month we will be featuring at least one new artist, designer, photographer, musician, writer, etc. We are also going to try to keep it mostly focused on the Northwest. (Because we are always so pleasantly unsurprised by how amazing our Northwest creatives are.)

I love introspective questions. And I’ve always had a soft spot for the Proust Questionnaire. So to learn a little bit more about my fellow creatives, I’ve decided to pull a few questions from that questionnaire and a few from my own inner thoughts. I like to think of this as the Petra Questionnaire (PQ). ūüėČ

This month we are featuring designer Tommy Panigot of NO THEFT design. We thought he would be the perfect introduction to our Artist of the Month series because we very much enjoyed working with him on our book cover for Manly Hero. He is an extremely talented fellow, and nice to boot. ūüôā He designs and creates beautiful cut-paper work, computer images, and screen print designs. Seriously, just check out some of his awesome work below, then stop by his web site. You’ll be impressed. ūüôā

This is one of my absolute favorites from NO THEFT’s cut-paper work

PQ: Describe your approach to your art. ¬†Tommy:¬†Most of my art is getting on the same page as the person I’m working with. Get who they are, where they are coming from, what their project is, how the visual should best represent the prior. I fill in visually what they are trying to say and hopefully through scribbles & trials we are both completely satisfied.

PQ:¬†Why do you love art/design? ¬†Tommy: I imagine it’s part genetics (both my mom & papa are very gifted and my great grandfather Renee Panigot was an impressionist, jeweler, and architect – he’s responsible for designing fountains around the Eiffel Tower) and generally because all creation responds to art/design.

PQ:¬†Where are you most inspired? ¬†Tommy: The harmony that is in nature through color, function, & design never cease to amaze me. It all points to the Creator and that is where I’m always most inspired.

PQ:¬†What is your artistic good luck charm? ¬†Tommy: Don’t have one.

PQ:¬†What natural gift would you most like to possess that you don’t already? ¬† Tommy: A photographic memory.

A great screen printed poster

PQ:¬†¬†What is your motto? ¬† Tommy: You have to create to create. In other words you can’t stare at the paper & computer to make anything happen. Scribble, make a line, use some color, do anything to the blank space to get your mind going. All my work comes from just making contact with pencil & paper or mouse & screen.

PQ:¬†What advice would you give to a young person who dreams about doing what you do? ¬† Tommy: Start taking note of EVERYTHING around you. EVERYTHING is design. Collect what you are drawn to, understand how it’s done, reproduce it in your style. Give credit to what moves you, never be selfish, share share share, work your hardest on everything no matter the scale of the project or tier of clientele.

PQ: What is your biggest success?   Tommy: That would probably reflect the pieces that have taken the most. I have many in that case and am extremely thankful to have worked with such amazing clients.

PQ:¬†What is your biggest regret? ¬† Tommy: Not spending enough time with the Creator. I’m always inspired to create after spending time with the Creator, He is where my value lies and where my gifts come from. I understand life, myself, and my gifts the more I’m in the Creator’s presence.

PQ:¬†What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? ¬† Tommy: As misery is relative I’d have to say having a catheter. Incredibly uncomfortable, an annoyance in countless situations, and emasculating.

Another great poster

PQ: What is your dream of happiness?   Tommy: Not depending on money.

PQ: What is the one physical object you currently desire?   Tommy: An original Picasso.

PQ: What is one emotional thing you currently desire?   Tommy: Forgiveness.

PQ:¬†Whose work, other than your own, are you most excited about right now? ¬† Tommy: Vanja Horonic, she’s the best film photographer that I know.

PQ: What are you currently reading?  Tommy: Books РEcclesiastes by Jacque Doukhan, Sabbath by Abraham Heschel, The Great Controversy by Ellen White. Magazines РElephant , W.I.R.E.D., GOOD, Little White Lies

Oh Dear! cut-paper design (album’s front cover)

PQ: What are you currently listening to?   Tommy: The Black Keys & Black Rebel Motorcycle Club of course, I celebrate their whole catalogs all the time. From there anything old; Jazz, Blues, & Spirituals.

PQ: Who is your favorite painter/artist?   Tommy: Painters РPicasso & Van Gogh  Designers РJan Tschichold, Hugh Ferriss

PQ: Who is your favorite musician(s)?   Tommy: Dan Auerbach & Patrick Carney, Robert Been & Peter Hayes, Jack White, Dave Brubeck.

PQ: Who is your favorite writer?   Tommy: John Steinbeck, Oswald Chambers, the apostle Paul

PQ: Who is your favorite poet?   Tommy: David the 2nd King of Israel

Oh Dear! (inside album art work)

PQ: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in fiction? (t.v., movies, or books)   Tommy: George Smiley, Strider, Horton

PQ: Who are your favorite heroes/heroines in real life?   Tommy: Anyone who is selfless, friend or stranger, when I see that quality before my eyes it transforms me.

PQ: What do you most value in your friends?   Tommy: Their Time.

PQ:¬†What are your greatest strengths? ¬† Tommy: I’ll let those who know me share that, I’m an imperfect scope.

PQ: To what faults do you feel most indulgent?   Tommy: Poor communication. Avoidance. Poor Sleep.

Oh Dear! (back of album)

PQ:¬†What is your favorite virtue? ¬† Tommy: Can’t pick, Good is Good, I’ll have it all.

PQ: What is your favorite vice?   Tommy: Cheese & Cornichons

PQ: What, to your mind, would be the greatest of misfortunes?   Tommy: Not being in a relationship with the Creator.

PQ:¬†What would be the happiest of good fortunes? ¬† Tommy: Seeing friends unexpectedly is a constant good fortune. Like when you run into friends at the local grocer, in the car next to you, at a great show, at the airport, anyplace where you wouldn’t think of running into someone you know is extra special.

PQ:¬†What is your favorite color? ¬† Tommy: I probably change that a couple times a year. In design I love muted colors, in apparel I like a small flash of bright color. I’d say right now a dusk blue or a vintage looking red.

One of my personal favorites, I have this poster (minus the location and show times) framed and hanging on our wall

PQ: What is your favorite hot beverage?   Tommy: Vanja makes a killer cup of coffee from her Bialetti

PQ: What is your favorite item of clothing?   Tommy: An old blue/yellow flannel.

PQ: What is art?   Tommy: The completion of giving creativity time.

See more of No Theft’s awesome designs here.

Of course I’m partial, but this is one of my favorite cut-paper pieces from NO THEFT

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  1. Ben Blood says:

    I also have the Paper Astronomer poster on my wall. Glad you guys interviewed this guy.

  2. Foss Raub says:

    I like what he had to say. How did you find out about/meet him?

    • petra says:

      Good question. I totally should have put that in the article. We heard about him through our brother-in-law. His band knew Tommy and they worked with him to design their cd covers and posters. We loved what he did with their stuff and got his contact info and went from there. Super happy we did. ūüôā

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