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Petra’s Favorites from 2011

Although 2011 was a fairly lean year for us, I still managed to find a few fabulous things that I would love to share with you. (And while some of the things on this list were not newly introduced this year, they are new to me.)



I love this Kimbra video. The imagery is fantastic. And the song is fun too.

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How to Give Your Indie a Five-Star Holiday

The indie author in your life is rather easy to pick out from amongst your other, more stable, better-adjusted friends: we are the perpetually bloodshot-eyed ones, living in self-imposed exile, surviving on nothing more than ramen-noodles and hope, and “borrowing” awkward amounts of beer from anyone that will “lend.”

Now, I imagine you’ve been asking yourself, this holiday season, “What can I do for this poor, emaciated soul? This pale, sad specimen of humanity? What do you get the person who has… well, nothing?”

Worry no longer. I’m here to help.

There’s really only one thing your indie author wants under the tree this year: a nice bump in book sales. Here’s how you can help to make that Christmas wish come true.

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Techie Post: Small Caps / Big Impact

I recently coded our first ebook, Manly Hero, for the Kindle. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the prospect, having never really worked with HTML before, but overall the process was fairly simple and actually a lot of fun.

I did run in to one problem, though. I couldn’t seem to find the answer to one question: how do I add small caps to my Kindle ebook?

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imperfectly perfect



While I was editing our recently published novel, Manly Hero, I was completely focused on the idea of perfection. (And, if I’m honest, that’s not the only time perfection is my ideal.)

In my interaction with editing, the font had to be perfect, and so did the spelling and grammar. Then there’s the story; no holes, no incongruities, no awkward time jumps.

I’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about these things (to name just a few). I’ve also spent many a dream editing page after page of unending story.

The big question I find my self asking is, how can I make something perfect?

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